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I align myself with the moon and the planets.

My spirit guides me in and out of realms of creativity with ease and grace.

About Our Leather


Lauren Jay Wondra Carrington Smyth is listed as one of 80 Best World Artists in Paris at the Exposition Universelle inside the Eiffel Tower. 

2022 Soho House Austin

2021 Fashionable Times Exhibition, La Villita, Texas, USA

2020 House of Plenty, La Villita, Texas, USA

2019 Madness in Clarity, La Villita, Texas, USA

2018 Simply Chic Exhibition, Guanajuato, GTO, MX

2017 Shoreditch House Garden Party, London, England


2015 Palermo Biennale, Dante Museum, Florence, Italy *Headline Artist*


2015 European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain *Headline Artist*

2015 Wunderkammer, The Plaza Club, San Antonio, Texas

2014 Best World Artist -Eiffel Tower, Paris, France * Headline Artist*

2014 Shoreditch House *Secret Garden* Rooftop (Live painting & Auction) * SOLO*

2014 SEE Me| Times Square 46th & Broadway, NYC, NY * Headline Artist*

2014 Masters of Today (Anthology & Collective Art Book Series)

2014 Incredible World Artist, World Wide Art Books

2014 International Contemporary Masters Volume 9

2014 Parallax Art Fair (London, NYC, Miami)

2014 First International Itialian Biennale of creativity, Verona

2013 "Lights in Winter" Galleria Pall Mall, Royal Opera Arcade

2013 Parallax Art Fair (London, NYC, Miami)

2013 Important World Artist (Red Dot Miami)

2012 International Contemporary Masters Volume 7

2012 Shoreditch House (Live painting & auction)

2012 Claridge's- London (Live Painting & auction)

2012 Global Biennale- London, Liverpool & Venice

2012 Amsterdam Showcase- *Headline Artist*

2012 International Escapist Artist member

2011 Beach Blanket Babylon (City)

2010 Portabello Art & Design (Painted live on opening ceremony day) Portabello Road

2009 The Warehouse (10 solo shows)

2007 The Embassy of Finland, Washington DC (2 live auctions)


Music, books, blogs, podcasts are all produced in-house at Mystic Mamba Publishing House. We don't follow trends we set them.

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