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"Girly Picasso," Lauren Jay Wondra Carrington Smyth is an international visionary and dynamic cubist artist, director and performance artist exhibiting in NYC, PARIS and LONDON. Exhibiting in iconic locations such as Times Square in NYC, The Eiffel Tower and the Palermo Biennale in Florence, her contemporary art is sought out by VIP collectors, curators and museums all over the world.


She also performs live painting at private venues such as Soho House and Claridge's. Lauren's pieces have sold under the hammer at auction by both Christie's and Sotheby's in her ongoing contribution to various charities. Her vast and dazzling repertoire has earned her a glamorous international membership within the "Escapism" art movement, where she enjoys critical acclaim from a significant devoted fanbase.

Mystic Mamba Multimedia is the entertainment branch of the brand responsible for art and design, the publishing house and online retail. You can now book an online consultation with an artist to set goals for the year, both spiritual and practical, and set those intentions into play.


Book here for a 30-minute consultation to explore your magnificent journey through art, focusing on your goals and intentions.

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